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This website came to existence due to my love for lifelong learning, personal development, high-quality products and spending productively all the time we have.


How podcasting fits into those passions:


  • Lifelong learning - podcasts are simply a great medium to deliver new information and help you learn and grow. You can find so much valuable content, packaged in easy to absorb, pleasant form with tremendous quality.

  • Personal development - learning new things should be the goal of everyone. This enriches us and makes us more valuable. It also allows us to appreciate more aspects of life, its diversity and unlimited potential for interesting experiences.

  • High quality - podcasts offer much higher quality content than most of the videos available on platforms like YouTube. High-quality podcasts deliver facts, discuss interesting points of view and you can find less repetition in podcasts than in videos. In podcasts, content is much more important than in videos. In videos producers divide their focus, spending some of the attention on the visual layer which often lowers quality material.

  • Productive time spending - you can listen to podcasts in the car, walking the dog, doing house chores and on walks with a baby. This can be potentially many hours a day. Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn new things. Without having to look at the screen all the time you can do much more in the same amount of time.

Our Mission

The mission of ImprovePodcas.com project is to spread those life values and encourage as many people as we can to learn, grow and develop themselves.


We hope that shared love for those life values and passion for podcasting will make your life more satisfying and meaningful. I encourage people with their own voice and valuable messages to start their own podcasts and help other people. The goal is to help as many people in this world as we can.

Team Improve Podcast


Chris Land

Join me on our podcasting journey.

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