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Podcast Sales Pitch – How to Increase Sales with a Podcast Show

Podcast Sales Pitch is a marketing and sales technique that allows you to communicate more effectively. A carefully crafted sales pitch can help you sell more, get more subscribers, and high-value leads. Use the language of your clients at the right time during your episode for the highest impact.

Even if you are podcasting for passion, your enthusiasm might wear out after some weeks if your efforts are not rewarded. 

Making a quality podcast and consistently releasing new episodes require time and commitment. You might be working on your podcast after rushing back from your workplace, or creating it from your dorm room. No doubt, wherever you are, monetizing your podcast, is important for its long-term success. 

Podcast Focus

Importance of good podcast sales pitch 

One of the best ways of making money online through podcasting is to either sell your products or services through your podcast. You can also do that for others in return for fee or sponsorship

Your listener’s base, of course, plays an important role in determining the success of your efforts. If you have built up a list of loyal listeners, it’s time for you to perfect your podcast sales pitch and start earning revenue.

Successful Sales Technique always focuses on the clients’ needs

Of course, a strong listener’s base is paramount to the success of your podcast selling technique. Your sponsors will pay you according to the number of downloads. 

If it’s your own merchandise, the information should reach more people for a sale conversion to happen. 

Yet not every sales pitch is memorable, let alone successful. Simply mentioning a product’s name would not influence your loyal listeners. Your podcast selling technique needs to be impactful, especially in these times in which a person is bombarded with all sorts of advertisements every time he or she tunes into any form of media – be it television, print, social media, or even email!

Today, we will discuss some ways to improve your podcast sales pitch! 

productivity process

Analyze Products and Marketing Language in Your Niche

Find out what works in your niche, learn from the best performing elements to prepare your pitch.

In the era of constant information overflow, you need to do some smart work and leave a lasting impression on your listener’s mind. To begin, you must-

Research product demand

To build an effective podcast sales pitch, start by researching the demand for the products. 

Are you in a dynamically growing market that speaks in the language of new features and gadgetry? Or is your market established, and people are looking for reliable and proven solutions?

Who are the consumers for these products? What is their demographic breakdown – how old are they, where do they live, etc.?

Is the consumer group the same as the people interested in your podcast niche? If yes, then your job becomes way easier and relevant too. 

There are many places where you can get interesting insights:

  • the first and foremost being your competitors,
  • a great place to recognize what is popular is to review top Amazon ebooks,
  • analyze what people are talking about on Facebook groups and online forums

Keyword related searches on UberSuggest or Google Trends can also throw some light- you can know what exactly people are searching for with respect to your product category. 

Run a survey to get first-hand knowledge

You can also run a survey on your podcast or through your social media channels. 

Ask your users about their expectations and needs. If your podcast sales pitch is going to be about a product that is relevant to your niche, who better to ask for suggestions than your own listeners? 

For example, if you host a podcast about running, you can directly survey and ask your listeners:

  • What is that they look for while searching for running apparel or shoes? 
  • What are the new improvements that they seek in these products that could help them with their runs? 
  • How thoroughly do they research before investing in new gear? 
  • What are their trusted sources of information?

In a nutshell, figure out if there is a scope for you to become a trusted source of information and influence the purchase decision.

Whatever is the product, there is a high likelihood that communities are discussing it on places like Reddit

Search these communities, and scan them for terms that reflect people are struggling with something. Search terms like, e.g.:

  • “how do you” 
  • “how do ,” 
  • “any tips”
  • “please help”

They can tell you what the issues in which people want assistance are.

Simple searches like this can quickly generate potentially profitable course ideas. And you don’t even need fancy tools to run surveys. Google Forms is simple and very powerful.

Review products sold by the competition

Many reports reflect that podcasts are a great way to connect with consumers. In fact, 64% of Americans say they have bought a product or service they heard through an audio show.

The best way to learn about this is to start by analyzing your competitor’s products. 

Breakdown what your most challenging competitors do, and understand:

  • the pricing of the products, 
  • the marketing language used by the podcaster, 
  • how are they leading the listener to a landing page?
  • where and how are they being promoted?

Look at what your fellow podcasters are doing

Spend some time listening to other podcasts in your niche. 

What are the marketing jargons employed in their advertisements? While you need not copy your competitor’s pitch word-by-word, it will give you a fair understanding of how that product is usually positioned and how the sales pitch is made.

Podcast Sales Pitch for Online Sales

Build a Brand for High a Conversion Rate

Brand and storytelling

You need to put a long term focus on creating a podcasting brand for your show. 

This is crucial since your brand image as a podcaster is a part of your podcast selling technique.

Even if you are getting into podcasting for the sole purpose of selling your podcast, the podcast needs to have a story so that users can feel a connection with you. There are many ways to create your identity- you can experiment with narrative style, music clips, and podcast segments to develop your brand’s unique personality. 

Work on creating your brand identity and chalk out your long-term plan and mission.

The podcast can’t exist for the sole purpose of voicing your podcast sales pitch. Be present on different channels and platforms.

If you build a trusted brand, selling your product will be much easier.

Design Great Listener Experience

When listeners are hooked to your podcast, they are likely to take your podcast sales pitch very seriously. 

Not just your content, your audio-quality should also be top-notch. 

Work on your episode structure, your listeners, should come back for the next episode. And engage with them constantly by seeking their feedback, doing episodes based on their requests, and giving them credits or shout out in return for their suggestions.

A great listener experience helps you with selling as it proves that you are able to deliver great quality.

Be available and responsive

Do not disappear after posting your new episode. High responsiveness and being available encourages trust and drives more sales.

Be available and answer the queries of your listeners. You would expect the same had you been doing a survey, wouldn’t you? Give them a channel where they could talk to you

This can be done:

  • with your landing page where they can interact with you with their comments, 
  • your email where they can send mails, and you will reply to them promptly, 
  • a contact form on your podcasting website
  • a Facebook group!

A podcaster who replies to fans is seen as genuine and concerned. In return, your opinions will be taken seriously by listeners. Your listener’s responses could also help you improve your podcast sales pitch or your product itself. 

For example, if you develop information products like tutorials, you may have mentioned one topic, and the listeners desire more information. 

Finally, use their feedback and requests to create new tutorials that would get more buyers out there!

Promise and Patience to Provide Free Services

It is important for you not to be too pushy while advertising. 

Selling stuff right from the first episode can be counter-productive. 

While it is great to have your podcast selling technique planned right from the beginning, hold your horses in the initial period. 

  • Create a strong reason why the other person needs your advice. 
  • Show them that you are an expert in your industry by providing highly useful information that can solve problems.

By pitching your advice effectively, you can gain organic leads by leaving just your contact details, and listeners will contact you for more information. 

For instance, Denise Griffitts’ show, Your Partner In Success, gets around 5,000 listeners per week. 

According to Denise, her podcasting efforts are not aimed at selling her products, but many listeners contact her and ask about her web development or virtual assistant services because of her podcast.

Work on developing a rapport with your listeners, and give them free advice initially. Save that podcast sales pitch for your later episode.

Educational Podcast - qualities of a good speaker

How to Build Sales Pitch into Episode Structure and Script?

In summary, your episode should contain the following elements, to have a successful selling technique.

Episode StructureElements of Podcast Sales Pitch
Section I / Intro– define a problem
– name client pain points
– promise a solution
Section II / Main content– tell how to solve problems
– give genuine free, DIY solutions
– introduce complex & very effective solutions
Section III / Outro– soft pitch
– encourage a website visit
– be available; tell people to contact you

Section I / Intro of your Episode

Start by introducing the problem that your listeners might often encounter. 

A podcast sales pitch that holds the attention of a potential client should create a focus on the pain points that you can help to resolve, minimize, or avoid. Like it or not- when there is no real problem, no one will need a solution.

  • Introduce your product as a solution to the problem. 
  • Your single product can solve many problems, 
  • It can solve many variations of the same problem. Mention all these problems in the beginning.

Additionally, you might be selling multiple products, and you might need to decide if you want to create a pitch that sells all your products, just one product, or you may categorize your products and work a pitch for each set.

Section II / Main content of your Episode

Explain to your listeners what they can do on their own to manage the situation.

Instead of solely making a podcast sales pitch, give them a few free solutions. 

Share some easy and some complex ideas that could help them out. 

  • that saves their time 
  • saves money,
  • delivers benefits,
  • offers more quality than a DIY approach,
  • requires some experience to be most effective.

Finally, all they have to do is to place an order!

Section III / Outro of your Episode

Give a summary of your episode and make a soft pitch. Ask them to visit your site and check out the solutions you offer. 

This goes without saying that you should have a user-friendly website that encourages visitors to navigate more. Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices as most podcast listeners listen to podcasts on the go!

Podcast Sales Pitch Analyze and Adapt

Scale, Test, Analyze and Optimize your Podcast Sales Pitch

Different Pitches

Your podcast selling technique should be mindful of the fact that not all listeners have the same experiences and expectations. 

You need to reach out and connect with as many of them as possible. Hence, instead of saying just one thing in your sales pitch, include multiple points. 

Tailor your podcast pitch for different people.

For example, a number of individuals might be interested in buying a new camera. But their end use may be different. Some of them might be amateurs looking to hone their skills. Some might need it to use inside a controlled environment, while others might need to venture out in the wild and capture flora and fauna. 

If you are selling photography equipment, gear or tutorial, you need to be aware that different people are seeking something different from these products. Reach out to all of them in your podcast sales pitch. 

Highlight how your product fulfills the needs of different people.

Monitor which episodes convert better

Keep a tab on how each episode performs and what is the outcome of the podcast sales pitch made in that episode. 

How many visitors did it attract? Learn what captivates the attention of people with trial and error. It’s easier to do so than it may appear at first! 

Your website analytics can help you track the daily listeners, and also point out where they came from.

Over the course of a few episodes, you will understand what attracted people to your product.

Adjust your messaging for maximum conversion

If you get a good amount of traffic from your ads, but not many people buying from you, you should take it to improve your sales pitch. 

Use a conversion tracking tool to know whether the visitors coming through your podcast episodes are actually buying from you or not. 

Be flexible with your podcast sales pitch. Modify it in your subsequent episodes if you feel that you are not getting the conversions you want. 

For example, you can incorporate users’ feedback and product reviews to demonstrate credibility.


Selling products or services through a podcast is a viable economic opportunity. But you need to have a good podcast sales pitch to make it work.

With consistent efforts, you can create a strong brand image for your podcast and utilize it to sell your podcast.

The world is dynamic, and how we use technology to reach out to people and make a sale is changing. If you don’t want to get swept away with the change, be a part of the change. 

With podcasts gaining massive popularity as well as trust, it’s time to practice your podcast selling pitch and start making those sales.

Later recommend your product as a great alternative to avoid complex solutions. 

And what is your favorite and effective element of a podcast sales pitch?

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